Crescent Beach

If Bequia and the other Grenadines is what you imagine the rest of the Caribbean was like 50 years ago, then Crescent Beach is what it was like 100 or more years ago. Bequia expats have lately adopted the name Crescent Beach, for the area known locally in as Industry. The traditional name, after the virtue of hard work, confused many a visitor, who found there the opposite of industrialism: a quiet road between white farm fences backed by Pride of Barbados bushes, enclosing pasture, fruit trees, and groves of coconut palms.

“Should you visit Industry Bay–which you probably will because you’ve been told that its remote beauty makes you feel as though you’re at the end of the earth–branches will snap against your windshield…” The New York Times

Beyond the palm groves a quarter-mile strip of sand and the calm, azure waters of the reef-protected bay, enjoyed by sailboarders and kite surfers, as well as swimmers and snorkelers. This is where Bequians come to get away from it all–to enjoy the open space, peaceful walks, lunch or dinner at Sugar Reef (the bay’s eco-chic hotel), or just sitting by the water, gazing at the offshore islets of Balliceaux and Battiwea.

“A small stone-built inn nestles right by the beach, and set above the road looking down on the bay, are one or two more villas to rent – and nothing else but the sound of the sea and the birds.”

Recently, residents from around the world have built homes on the ridges on either side of the bay, where they enjoy living in a place of peace and awesome beauty that’s only two miles from the bustle of the harbor and Port Elizabeth. These residents know the secret of Crescent Beach at night: of sipping rum on your porch under a sky densely filled with stars, of being lulled to sleep by the sound only of the wind and the waves breaking on the offshore reef.

“We fell asleep each night listening to the rumble of waves on the offshore reefs…” Gourmet Magazine


Crescent Beach Industry Bequia

Crescent Beach Industry Bequia

Crescent Beach Industry Bequia, The Grenadines


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