Bequia Home Repair: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Bequia Home RepairBetween the salt spray and the sahara dust, the Bequia climate is hard on our house–and even harder on our vehicles. Fortunately, Bequia has many skilled tradesmen (and women). Here is a list of those whom Emmett and I have called recently. Whom do you call when something breaks?  (To add your favorites or print this list for your refrigerator, click on the headline above to go to our site and scroll to the bottom of the post: printer icon on right, comments blank at very bottom.)



Saville Sam 529-1682


Junior Sutton 532-8774; 457-3837


John Fisher 495-0308;458-3079

Alvin James 527-9318

Sean James 593-0916

Steve Sargeant 455-0575

General Small Repair

Don Leslie 593-4671


Bertram Charles 495-0156

Martin Pritchard 458-3884


Rose Simmons 455-5892


Junior “Cudoo” Charles 458-3235; 455-0588

Clardin Richards 528-3364


Bequia Canvas 457-3291


Leon “Braffit” Farrell 526-9631

Parnell Hutchins H-457-3066; C-530-8419

Relton John 457-3970

Cleve “Shorty” Robinson (body work) 498-1809

Photo of Top Ten Tools from Making it Lovely.


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