Eating Well: Greaves Shopping List

Greaves, St. VincentA big change for me when I became a resident after visiting Bequia for many years is that now I rarely eat out–and not just because eating in is cheaper. We have a greater selection of both local and international foods at home than in restaurants here. The challenge is finding these quality ingredients.

Central to my solution is ordering meat and staples every week or two from Greaves (“graves”), the St. Vincent supermarket. They offer variety at good prices, plus the convenience of picking, packing and putting our order on the ferry. With the basics covered, we shop in Bequia for international specialties and local eggs, fish, bread and produce. For example, a recent dinner included a soup with lentils, onions and carrots from Greaves, local eggplant from a harbor stand, duck breast from Gourmet Food, local spinach from Doris’, and a salad of fresh fruit from our garden.

Ordering from Greaves is easy once you have an account and a list of favorite staples they carry. You can start with my Greaves shopping list.

To open an account: Call Debbie Greaves at 457-1074 and ask her to email you a credit card authorization form or monthly account agreement. Email or fax back the applicable form (and send a deposit, in the case of a monthly account).

To order: Call 457-1074 first thing in the morning and ask for the telephone ordering department; alternatively, send an email to 24-hours in advance. Greaves will call back or email to ask whether to omit or substitute out-of-stock items and to tell you which late morning/early afternoon ferry they’ll put the order on. (Make sure the price and quality of substitutions are acceptable.) You or your taxi can meet the ferry to pick up your boxes and pay the couple of EC per box fee.

What are your experiences with Greaves and other St. Vincent supermarkets?

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