Fretwork and Other Followup

Fretwork Fence

Fretwork deer fence: "Were you updating--and upsizing--Chinese fretwork or all American lattice?" House Beautiful, May 2011

As recently as late March, when I posted Mike Connell’s comments about building Caribbean cottage style in Bequia, I didn’t know what fretwork was. (Many thanks to Emmett’s friend Dave O’C for clarifying the difference between fretwork and gingerbread in his comment on that post.) So imagine my surprise when “fretwork” showed up in the May issues of both Martha Stewart Living and House Beautiful–twice in the latter, in fact. Left and below are these recent examples of this relatively inexpensive way to add interest to Bequia homes and gardens.

Also from Martha’s May issue, relevant to my post on rugs for Caribbean houses, is a neat trick on how to keep flat rugs from curling up at the corners; I plan to implement this as soon as possible so no more friends will trip over the rock that’s currently holding down my living room rug.

Chinese fretwork stair rail

"Stair rail in Chinese fretwork to liven up a dull entryway" in Palm Beach, House Beautiful, May 2011

Fretwork desk

"Fretwork writing desk," Martha Stewart, May 2011















Rule Your Rug

Keep flatweave rugs from curling with cork-backed rulers stiched on with monofilament, Martha Stewart, May 2011
























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