Fruits and Veggies and Flowers, Oh My!

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Responding to Polly Philipson’s post about a St. Vincent produce source, Jana Boos wrote: “Renate Balcombe also provides flowers and produce from St Vincent. I have found the quality of her produce to be very good and very reasonably priced. She sends out her produce list by email every other Monday, orders are due Tuesday, and delivery is always on the following Thursday 1:00 Bequia Express. (Flowers are available weekly.) The produce is packed in boxes filled with shredded newspaper so that it arrives in good condition. An invoice is packed inside the box and I usually mail a check to her PO Box in St. Vincent. Renate also has local beef tenderloin available for 12 EC per pound, although it is not always on her list. Packaging and delivery to ferry is 3.50 per box.”

Contact: Renate via email at or by phone at 458-6227.

Sample Produce List


Grapefruit $0.60 each

Fivefinger (carmabola) $1.50 lbs

Seville sweet $0.45 each

Passionfruit $2.00/lb (only limited amount available)

Callaloo $1.50 bundle

Eggplant $1.50 lbs

American yams $1.50 lbs

Nutmeg $2.00 dozen

Dry coconut $0.70 each

Water coconut $1.50 each

Sugar cane $2.50 to $3.00 stick

Sweet cassava $1.50 lbs

Fresh turmeric $2.00 1/2 lbs

Watermelon $2.25 lbs

Tomatoes $4.50 lbs

Cut Flowers

Red gingerlili $1.75 each (only few available)

Pink gingerlili $1.75 each

Standing heliconia $3.50 each

For Gardening

Coconut mulch $25.00 each

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