More than Sunbrella

China Seas Outdoor Fabric

Outdoor fabrics, such as Sunbrella and similar acrylics, are generally the way to go both indoors and out in Bequia–especially if you’re going to have something made or covered just for here. When I moved from New York City, I shipped a container of used “household removal goods” including pieces upholstered in leather, silk brocade, silk velvet and other totally inappropriate fabrics; it made more sense to enjoy these wonderful fabrics until they rot–and to benefit from the lower duty for used furniture–than to spend money on new things. Since then, anything I have had made for here or our South Carolina house is covered in acrylics.

While you can get solid and, sometimes, simple striped Sunbrella here in Bequia, the exciting news is that beautiful printed outdoor fabrics are now available online. To see gorgeous outdoor fabrics, check out Quadrille, which runs several of their prints on outdoor fabric and will screenprint any of their Alan Campbell or China Seas patterns on a minimum of 20 yards of white or natural acrylic for about $120 per yard. Another high-end option is Kravet Soleil, which include fabrics with a soft hand or unusual texture, such as a striped cut velvet, for $40-12o per yard. (Both Kravet and Quadrille fabrics are only available to “the trade”–designers or architects. Above price is net of designer’s discount.)

Luckily, there are bargains to be had, too. Jonathan Berger, my design partner on several projects, helped me pick prints from among the many at at prices ranging from $3.95-$14.95 per yard, plus $4.99 FedEx Ground shipping to any US location. Enjoy perusing our picks below. The captions are product codes.


1331 29.2

2543 32.3

387 33.1

819 36.1

1211 37.2

1183 38.2

1396 32.2

2821 26.33893 27.4

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