Days of Stronger Stuff in the Caribbean

by David Webber, guest blogger

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Completed in 1895, the Sendall Tunnel is a shortcut through the hill separating the Carenage and the Esplanade in St. Georges, Grenada.

Look closely at the cliff face as you leave the tunnel in Bruce Street. There is a sign stating Females Only. Definitely a class divide. Note not “Ladies” but “Females.”

In the days of long dresses when female modesty of any class in theory precluded showing even a glimpse of ankle, a female heeding an urgent call of nature had a problem.

Not in St. Georges.

By the side of the roadway under the Females Only sign is a gutter. By standing astride the gutter and presumably, but not necessarily, facing the cliff side, females could relax and answer the call as required. All immodesty covered by the dress one would assume.

No record is known to exist of what any passer by may have thought. They were days of stronger stuff all round.

Caribbean Oddity, St. Georges, Grenada

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