Psst! Great Veggies (But Still No Bananas)

Polly (“The Pirate”) of Dive Bequia sent me this tip: “A couple of our UK divers are farmers on St. Vincent working with Dr. Bunbury of Mustique to produce vegetables. For EC$75 per week, they will put together a box and pop it on the ferry for you. Cathy [Howard] and I have just received our sample boxes and I’ve included photos. Very good produce and you can select what you would like! For more info, contact George and Jo at They’ve even got cherry tomatoes!”

That still leaves a dearth of fruit. To cheer you up, there’s a song  from the Roaring Twenties about just our situation, for which the image below is an original illustration; click on this link to hear “Yes, We Have No Bananas.” (Be patient with the intro poem…)

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