What’s on Your Floor?

This weekend, Emmett and I stayed at a home in Tobago decorated with antiques and oriental rugs that was designed and owned by Arne Hasselqvist. It was interesting to me that Hasselqvist, who in the 70s worked closely with Oliver Messel and was the builder of many of the original homes in Mustique, should furnish his last home so lavishly after living for decades in the Caribbean. However, the house felt comfortable rather than fussy. My toes especially enjoyed the cushy rugs, a respite from the tile floors.

It turned out I wasn’t the only one thinking about floor coverings. While at this luxurious home, I received an email from Isabel Dwyer, commenting on last week’s outdoor fabric post: “I loved your fabric choices, particularly the coral print. Recently, I was looking for rugs and found these two that might appeal to anyone furnishing a beach house. The first is also available in brown from Thomas Paul [available at www.velocityartanddesign.com], the second is an outdoor rug, available from www.domestic modern.com.”

I’m wondering whether others of you have introduced splashes of color or comfort by putting area rugs atop your tile, stone or concrete floors. Do you have rugs or floor mats? What kind and where did you get them? Please comment below.


Thomas Paul Rug

Outdoor Rug

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