Building Your Tropical Dream Home in Bequia

by Chris Kaye, guest blogger (Chris and Rose, his wife, own Ijeoma, adjacent to Ocean Ridge Estates in Crescent Beach, Bequia. To see more photographs or to rent the finished house, go to Building your dream home can be a fraught and painful process even at home where you know–or think you know–the tricks and are familiar with the legalities and the construction process. Doing so in another country far from home with a different culture and values poses a big … [Read more...]

Bequia Home Repair: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Between the salt spray and the sahara dust, the Bequia climate is hard on our house--and even harder on our vehicles. Fortunately, Bequia has many skilled tradesmen (and women). Here is a list of those whom Emmett and I have called recently. Whom do you call when something breaks?  (To add your favorites or print this list for your refrigerator, click on the headline above to go to our site and scroll to the bottom of the post: printer icon on right, comments blank at very … [Read more...]

Building “Caribbean Cottage Style” in Bequia

This comment on my Messel post from Bequia-based architect and builder Mike Connell, which includes specifics about building homes today in Bequia, merits a post of its own: "Thanks for the link to those wonderful photos of Messel's work, they were refreshing to look at and much of it, as a Caribbean country cottage style, although with quite elegant interiors, and open planned layouts is still relevant as a solution to Bequia holiday homes. Some of the technique are simple enough to achieve, … [Read more...]

Home Design Inspiration: Mustique’s Messel

Oliver Messel's ability to create elegant houses from local materials makes him a paragon for people building homes in the Grenadines. It was Princess Margaret who recommended to Colin Tennant that her husband's uncle help plan Mustique. With a wartime assignment to a camouflage unit and 30 years experience as a stage designer, Oliver Messel had just the skills needed to create beautiful homes on a remote Caribbean island with little available but wood, stone, concrete, plants and great views. … [Read more...]