When Churchill Visited Bequia on Onassis’s Yacht

David Ridley sent Emmett and me this mention of Bequia from the memoirs of Clarissa Eden. In the late 50s, her husband Anthony, lately British prime minister, had retired from politics after undergoing numerous operations for a gall bladder problem. “On the excuse that Anthony should avoid colds and flu, we took to going to the West Indies each winter. Thus we visited Mustique, which had just been bought by my friend Colin Tennant. From there we saw on an adjacent island a white … [Read more...]

Spying Sedan Porches in St. George’s, Grenada

by David Webber, guest blogger (See David's photo website at www.davidwebberphotography.com) Attempting to retain one’s dignity and cleanliness whilst walking through congested public thoroughfares in the days of open drains and night soil thrown from first floor windows was a major problem for the 17th to19th century gentry. Consequently, the opportunity to be carried in relative comfort in a fully enclosed sedan chair (after Sedan in Northern France) was something of a godsend and … [Read more...]

What’s on Your Bequia Bookshelf?

Don’t you love to browse a friend’s bookshelf? You can skim and find books worth buying, while learning lots about the other person. Discussing what you find prolongs the pleasure. In that spirit, I reveal below some favorites on Caribbean homes and living from my Bequia home library. Readers, won’t you please suggest some of your favorites in the comment space below? (Email subscribers: To comment, click on the title above to go to this post on our website, then scroll down to the bottom of the … [Read more...]

Bark for Bequia’s BARCC

by Muriel and Sam Tull, guest bloggers Bequia is home to many wonderful dogs. The vast majority appear to be happy and well taken care of. For the unfortunate dogs that have no one, it is heartbreaking to see the homeless and unwanted animals that walk the streets dodging cars and struggling to survive day to day. Boxes of newborn puppies are left by the side of the road and dogs are “dropped off” with the hope that someone will care for them. It doesn’t have to be this way. Bequia … [Read more...]

Days of Stronger Stuff in the Caribbean

by David Webber, guest blogger (See David's photo website at www.davidwebberphotography.com) Completed in 1895, the Sendall Tunnel is a shortcut through the hill separating the Carenage and the Esplanade in St. Georges, Grenada. Look closely at the cliff face as you leave the tunnel in Bruce Street. There is a sign stating Females Only. Definitely a class divide. Note not “Ladies” but “Females.” In the days of long dresses when female modesty of any class in theory precluded showing … [Read more...]

Bequia by Any Other Name…

Dusk is my favorite time in Bequia: sitting, as I am now, with my feet up on a lounge, a tumbler of my special rum punch at hand, looking out over the jade foliage, the turquoise sea, the pinkish clouds, listening to the soft crash of the waves. Or maybe it’s dawn: I wake each day, look at the sun rising over the same sea, the same palms, and say, “Another beautiful day in Bequia.” That’s Beck-wee, not Beck-way! Living in paradise, we seem compelled to be irked by minutia and, for me, that … [Read more...]