Bequia Breakfast

Are you a locavore? I try to be, but what is local? I once asked a vendor at the fruit market whether something was local, and she responded, “No, it’s from St. Vincent.” According to Wikipedia, there is indeed debate on what eating local means. The US Congress defined it as within 400 miles; some follow the “100-mile diet,” while novelist Barbara Kingsolver lived on what she and her neighbors could grow. For those of us living in Bequia, Louise Hurley recommends a breakfast that certainly … [Read more...]

Fruits and Veggies and Flowers, Oh My!

I’m thrilled that some of you readers are sending in posts! My goal is to make this blog a forum for the expat community in Bequia to share resources. Please add your comments to the bottom of posts or email ideas for new ones via our contact page. Responding to Polly Philipson’s post about a St. Vincent produce source, Jana Boos wrote: “Renate Balcombe also provides flowers and produce from St Vincent. I have found the quality of her produce to be very good and very reasonably priced. She … [Read more...]

Psst! Great Veggies (But Still No Bananas)

Polly (“The Pirate”) of Dive Bequia sent me this tip: “A couple of our UK divers are farmers on St. Vincent working with Dr. Bunbury of Mustique to produce vegetables. For EC$75 per week, they will put together a box and pop it on the ferry for you. Cathy [Howard] and I have just received our sample boxes and I've included photos. Very good produce and you can select what you would like! For more info, contact George and Jo at They've even got cherry tomatoes!” That … [Read more...]

Eating Well: Greaves Shopping List

A big change for me when I became a resident after visiting Bequia for many years is that now I rarely eat out--and not just because eating in is cheaper. We have a greater selection of both local and international foods at home than in restaurants here. The challenge is finding these quality ingredients. Central to my solution is ordering meat and staples every week or two from Greaves (“graves”), the St. Vincent supermarket. They offer variety at good prices, plus the convenience of … [Read more...]