Emmett Pace has forgotten more about real estate in the Caribbean than most of us will ever know. He found a perfect investment for me, a lot in Ocean Ridge Estates in Bequia overlooking Mustique. I highly recommend Island Pace Real Estate.

Ross M. "Buddy" Lindsay
Tax Attorney/CPA/Hotelier, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Emmett's advice for my real estate career was 'Don't sell anything.' He had to explain to me just what he meant, but a large part of my success since then comes from his advice, and it sure makes being a realtor a whole lot easier. Emmett taught me to focus on helping people find a home that fits their needs, wants, lifestyle and budget. As soon as a realtor loses sight of that and focuses on the sale, buyers and sellers are out the door.

Dave Greenwood
Century 21 Calgary

“We selected Ocean Ridge Estates for our island home because it has the most beautiful views and the freshest breeze on Bequia, the paradise of all islands. It is so peaceful and serene that it could possibly be the most tranquil place I've ever been. The development has been carefully planned out for the future and designed intelligently with the local environment in mind. There are wide paved roads and all utilities are underground. When it is completed, Ocean Ridge is going to be one of the finest island communities in the Caribbean.”

Lot Buyer (Self-employed Professional, New York City)

"Emmett knows Bequia, inside and out... [When] I decided that I wanted to build a home for my family on Bequia, I relied on Emmett's advice throughout the process: site selection, design and construction. His help and knowledge was invaluable.”

Lot Buyer (Real Estate Developer, North Carolina)

“Emmett has the business vision, knowledge and the drive to ensure that ventures work successfully.”

Investor (Resort Executive, St. Vincent)